Responsive Form with Bootstrap

jQuery | Mobile

Designed and built a responsive dashboard website who’s main purpose is to submit a massive application with different kind of variations and statuses of applications.

dashboard index page

dashboard homepage

Responsive form on Desktop
dashboard application desktop version

Responsive form on Tablet
dashboard application tablet version

Responsive form on mobile
dashboard application mobile version

See it in action, click on any button that works, check the navigation, pop-ups, show-hide items, see how the first page of the application looks on desktop, tablet, and mobile (the forms are formatted differently), notice the side navigation turn into a menu button on mobile device.

See Demo

The beauty of this is that there is only couple lines of custom css code, most of the styling is done by using bootstrap so if the customer likes to switch over to a different bootstrap theme in the future, it will instantly change and there will not be a need for any custom css.

Here is the code for the responsive form.

See the Pen Responsive Bootstrap form by Vitaliy Merkulov (@vitworks) on CodePen.

See Code Full Screen